Oct 20, 2012

Remember me as a time of day

"I've heard that there's a kind of bird without legs that can only fly and fly, and sleep in the wind when it is tired. The bird only lands once in its life... that's when it dies." 

 - What day's today? 
 - 16th. 
 - 16th... April the 16th. At one minute before 3pm on April the 16th, 1960, you're together with me. Because of you, I'll remember that one minute. From now on, we're friends for one minute. This is a fact, you can't deny. It's done.


I always thought one minute flies by. But sometimes it really lingers on. Once, a person pointed at his watch and said to me, that because of that minute, he'd always remember me. It was so charming listening to that. But now I look at my watch and tell myself that I have to forget this man starting this very minute. 

"I used to think there was a kind of bird that, once born, would keep flying until death. The fact is that the bird hasn't gone anywhere. It was dead from the beginning."

Days of being wild

Oct 6, 2012

Lets have a dream which isn't under control

Let's suppose you were able every night to dream any dream you wanted to dream, and that you could for example have the power within one night to dream 75 years of time, or any length of time you wanted to have.

And you would naturally as you began on this adventure of dreams, you would fulfill all your wishes.
You would have every kind of pleasure you could concieve.

And after several nights of 75 years of total pleasure each, you would say:
 "well, that was pretty great, but now lets umm, lets have a surprise."

Lets have a dream which isn't under control.
Where something is going to happen to me that I don't know what it's going to be. And you would dig that and come out of that and say:
"wow that was a close shave, wasn't it?"

And then you would get more and more adventurous and you would make further and further gambles as to what you would dream, and finally you would dream where you are now.

You would dream the dream of living the life that you are actually living today.

Alan Watts - The Nature of Consciousness 

Oct 3, 2012

These hands could've moved mountains

Please believe
In labor and hope and joy
'Cause like a little boy I have destroyed.., hope and joy
And lately I dream about angels with molotovs
And nightly they fist me wrists like tender trucks

The community is sick
And the community is blind
And it's colder than Poland
And the sun is not shining here
And we're tangled in the shit of each other's ruined affairs

Half of us are faking
And the other half is tired and scared